Durrington High School

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Year 11 Stress Buster Challenge

Over 120 staff and students took part in Durrington’s first “stress busting” mud run challenge. The event was organised as part of our wider strategy to promote positive well-being and mental health through physical activity. The timing was particularly important as year 11 students are closing in on summer GCSE exams and we wanted to provide them and their teachers with the opportunity to distress and have some fun at the same time.

The mud run took place in Dorking on a course use for the established Nuts Challenge. It was a cold and wet day and there was tension in the air as the students gathered and boarded the coaches. As we arrived at the venue students and staff still had no idea what was awaiting them. Students were split into smaller groups with staff and then were released in waves from 12pm. The sheer volume of mud, having to get in/out of rivers and climb a range of obstacles made the day absolutely fantastic to be part of. We plan to organise many more events like this now!

As part of our challenge we are also raising money for Samaritans. The links below provide both an opportunity to contribute and a view of what the course is like.

Military Assault course

Just Giving / DHS Year 11


  • Durrington High School has made me become more confident in myself by encouraging me to just go for it! The extra-curricular activities have offered me good opportunities to work with new people and meet new friends, resulting in me feeling safe and content at school.