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Year 11 receive vital CPR training

During April and May, as part of their social and moral education classes, all year 11 students have had the opportunity to learn the lifesaving skills of CPR. Using recourses from The British Heart Foundation, which included instruction videos and blow up dummies that allowed them to put the theory into practise. This is the first year the school have participated in the programme and it has been a great success. Head of SME, Ms Dove explained ‘CPR is a vital skill for any person and we thought SME lessons would be a fantastic way to give a whole year group the opportunity to undertake the training. The excellent free resources from The British Heart Foundation meant that we were able to quickly roll out the programme and ensure all year 11 students accessed it before leaving. It is certainly something we would like to continue to offer year after year.’

It was the idea of Ms Freeman, who joined the school in September and was instrumental in implementing the scheme. She carried out the training for the SME teachers who were then able to go ahead and, along with the resources, carry out the training. All the students received a certificate at the end of the training, but more importantly, left the lesson with knowledge that could potentially save a life. Students were really happy with the training, Tom Nederpel said he ‘really enjoyed it’ and Sofia Hole said she ‘found it really useful.’ Thoughts that were echoed by many more of the students.