Durrington High School

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Wonderful evening at the performing arts celebration

On Wednesday 17th July parents and carers gathered in the main hall at Durrington High School to watch a variety of performances from students across all year groups. The evening was an opportunity to celebrate the work the students had been doing during the summer term, with the chance to perform in front of an audience.

The first half of the show was focused on the Labours of Hercules with the year 7 drama club performing 4 short extracts using traditional Greek theatre techniques. The dramatic performances were interspersed with the choir, instrumental group and musical theatre vocal group (MTV) performing songs from the score of Disney’s Hercules. MTV sang I can go the Distance and the choir sang The Gospel Truth and Zero to Hero accompanied by the instrumental group. There was also a performance of a fantastic original composition, written by year 9 students Jess Townson and Lewis Skeel, tilted Hercules. Lewis sang solo and Jess played the violin, along with the rest of the instrumental group and the choir. All performers, including music teachers Beth Maughan and Cyrus Dean, dressed in togas with vine leaf headbands to fit with the Greek theme.

Following the fantastic first half, the second half focused on soloists, with singers and pianists giving some outstanding performances. There was also a year 9 and 10 play told in 3 parts called What are they Like? which explored the way parents feel about their children growing up. The performances were excellent and the play had a great blend of humour with some poignant moments.

Many year 11 students came back to perform for the last time as Durrington High students, including Lara Beale and Becky Moore who sang a duet For Good which sounded beautiful with lyrics significant for their final performance. There was also an outstanding piano solo from year 9 student Hudson Hebert who performed a solo piano version of Bohemian Rhapsody that he had arranged himself.

Emily Isham, Director of Performing Arts said, ‘The summer term celebration is a lovely evening and it is fantastic to see all of the hard work our students have put in during this year come to fruition. At Durrington High we give students performance opportunities as often as possible to help them grow in confidence and believe in their own abilities. Our students are very talented and we are very proud of all who performed this evening.’

Many thanks to Emily, Beth, Cyrus, April Cross and David Hall for nurturing our students’ talents so expertly and for arranging such a fabulous night.

  • Being a part of Durrington High School has made me want to achieve more than I believed was possible. It has made me believe that I can achieve excellence.