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Sport Relief March 2018

Dear Parent / Carer / Student

We are excited to let you know about how Durrington will again be supporting the biannual National Sport Relief week (19th-23rd March 2018). The aim of this week is to use the power of sport to raise money for projects both in the UK and around the world. This year there is a particular focus on mental health, an issue that is very relevant to us/our students and the community we all live in.

We will be running a number of events during the week beginning the 19th March.

– Each student, as part of their PE lesson will complete a sport relief mile with students being encouraged to walk/jog/run the mile and engage with some fun challenges on their way round.
– At break and lunchtimes there will be further sport-themed challenges for students and staff to participate in including the cross bar and rowing challenges. Students will be asked to make a donation to take part and there will be prizes for the winners. Activities will be in the PE area and we encourage students to come down and take part.
– Students can also pay 20p if they want to wear sports clothing of their choice for their PE lessons.

Friday 23rd March will be the culmination of the week with a ‘sports themed’ non-uniform day for students & staff. Each member of our community will be asked to donate £1 to be able to wear sports themed clothes (or an item of sports clothing) on the day. This will need to be appropriate for school and specifically should not be low-cut or expose midriffs.

To pull all of this together we have created a school-wide donation page where parents/carers or other relatives and friends can donate towards students completing their mile. Please support us/the charity if you can. The page can be found at


Thank you in advance for your continued support, please encourage your son/daughter to get involved!

Yours sincerely


Mrs L Wallis-Tayler
PE Teacher

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