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Rewards trip to the South of England Show

On Saturday 9th June around 70 students from years 7-11 attended the South of England Show in Ardlingly. This was a reward trip offered to those students that had shown excellent effort and progress in ICT, Business and computer science. The students had all worked consistently hard throughout the year and this had been recognised by their teachers who nominated them.

The day was lovely and sunny, fantastic conditions to visit the outdoor event. With so much going on from the Shetland Pony Grand National to fairground rides, dog shows, motorbikes and cricket, the students were able to head off in small groups to enjoy their own unique day. There was also lots of delicious food on offer and the chance to peruse lots of local produce.

As well as a fun day out the South of England show is a fantastic example of enterprise in action. With so many small businesses showcasing their work the students are able to see small and large business models in action and also have the opportunity to speak to a variety of people with different job roles. The show gives the students an opportunity to see a different perspective to the large supermarket or shopping mall business set up.

Miss Wheal, Director of ICT, Business and Computing said ‘the students were a credit to the school and it was fantastic to reward them with such a fun and exciting day.’

Thanks to Miss Wheal, Mr Kelly, Mr Paul, Miss Morley, Ms French, Miss Gerlings, Mrs Blight and Mrs Guillaume for making the trip possible.