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Oliver cast reunited for Headteacher breakfast

Following on from the fantastic production of Oliver last term, a group of cast members attended a special Headteacher breakfast this morning (25th April) to thank them for their hard work in producing such a successful show. With four performances attended by around 200 people there was much to celebrate over delicious croissants!

With Oliver, Bill Sykes, Nancy and Dodger in attendance, along with other cast members the students had an opportunity to meet with Ms Marooney and welcomed the chance to speak to her about their ideas for the drama department and the school as a whole. Everyone was very relaxed and one student said ‘it was really nice to have an opportunity to speak to Ms Marooney and talk about the show.’ The feeling was mutual as Ms Marooney said ‘it was an absolute pleasure to celebrate the success of our students over croissants and hear directly from them about the many benefits of being involved in school productions.  The arts bring such richness to our school and I am always so proud and in awe of the excellence achieved by our students, who are, of course, inspired by our amazing staff.’

The cast also enjoyed being together again and talking about their many happy memories of the show. Whilst they did admit it was pretty exhausting they also spoke about how once it had ended they wished they could do it all over again. All of them are definitely keen to be involved with next year’s performance, with one year ten student wishing she could go back to year seven so she could do more than just one more show!

  • We are taught to overcome obstacles, work hard and have a commitment to succeed