Going beyond our best

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Giving Words to the World – a great success!

From 8th – 11th May students and staff at Durrington High School were asked to bring in their unwanted books for a charity initiative. Giving Words to the World aimed to help combat literacy poverty by donating the collected books to Sub Saharan Africa and also local community projects.

The week was a huge success with students and staff donating fantastic amounts of books. We were also grateful to receive books from World of Books, Little Elms Nursery and Sir Robert Woodard Academy.


Each form was charged with the aim to collect enough books to make a pile as tall as their form tutor, and they certainly rose to the challenge. 37 forms collected enough books to build a tower more than 6 feet tall. The 3 forms to collect the most books were 7CBo with a pile 530cm high, 7MKy with 619cm and 8JMu with an incredible stack of books that was 2239cms tall! All in all the books collected by students and staff stretched almost a whole mile long.

Friday was an incredibly busy day as Mrs Baker and her student librarians busily collected up the books and began packing. As year 8 student Jeremey Casse explains:

Wow what a day. I am amazed at how many books we have been able to bring together and provide for people less fortunate than us. It fills me with confidence that every single one of these books will help educate and rehabilitate many young, teen and adult lives that do not have the access to books like we do. The library team and all of the students that helped have sorted and measured the books. They’ve done a great job. Some forms have been incredible, with a shout out to Mr Mulhern’s form who managed to in total gather over 22meters of books. We have done a lot to be proud of today, and I am so excited that all these books will help change lives. Thank you and congratulations to everyone involved. We have really gone beyond our best today.

Many of the books have now started the journey to Africa where they will be distributed to children, teens and adults to help them improve their literacy, and therefore life skills. There are plans to work with the local community in the near future, focusing on distributing the children’s books to ensure local children have access to books and can develop a lifelong love of reading.

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