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Giving Words to the World -we need your unwanted books!

Here at Durrington we celebrate our love for literacy with the students, encouraging them to read and discuss their reading habits in DEAR time and in English lessons. We have a well-stocked school Library in the LRA and students are expected to have a book on them at all times; believing it to be as vital a piece of school equipment as pens and pencils.

There have been many recent news reports about the impact of Word Poverty on school aged children and how less time spent reading independently and sharing stories at home has a dramatic impact on young people’s reading skills across the country.

Armed with these facts and our strong belief in the power of reading ‘Giving Words to the World’ is a Durrington High School initiative developed to help children who are not as lucky as the students at Durrington. We want to play our part in helping the local community, and those across the globe, gain access to books and increase their word power!

‘Giving Words to the World’ is a book drive to collect good quality unwanted books which will be donated to schools in the local community and Sub-Saharan Africa (via the charity Books to Africa). We are aiming to collect over half a billion words to help boost students learning and see their futures benefit from the simple gift of books.

So please, have that spring clean a little late – if you have any books at home you no longer want, perhaps they have been read and now just sit on your shelf, or your children have grown out of them. We need those books! Please send them in to school with pupils during the week of Tuesday 8th –Friday 11th May. Each form will be trying to build a tower of books as tall as their form tutor so please help your child to reach that goal, and in turn support other children develop a  lifelong love of reading.


What kind of books we need:


Please don’t send:


  • New and used books
  • Textbooks and Novels
  • Children’s Books
  • Journals and Encyclopaedias
  • All subjects
  • All academic Levels
  • All editions



  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Notes
  • Illegible materials



Thank you for your support!

Keep an eye on our @durringtonhigh Twitter and DurringtonHigh Facebook page for regular updates on book totals!

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