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Eco Club Members attend the 11th Worthing and Adur Eco-Summit.

On Tuesday 26th June, Mr Atkins took 8 members of the DHS Eco Club to the 11th Worthing and Adur Eco-Summit organised by the E.Y.E Project and, this year, hosted at Worthing High School. The day was attended by over 300 students from 27 schools and is designed to inspire young people to understand and be proactive in helping protect the environment.

Following a keynote speech from Tim Loughton MP, the students attended 3 workshops which they enjoyed very much. The Wildlife Trust ran a session focused on how to make a vibrant pond ecosystem, looking at what best to put in and how it can affect the wild animals, plants and insects around it. The students felt that this session really helped with their Eco club plans with Sofia Hughes saying ‘it was really helpful as we can introduce the learning from the pond workshop to our plans for the poly tunnel.’ During another workshop, ‘New Homes from Old Rubbish’ they built a mini habitat for the Red Mason Bee, recycling string, plastic straws, bamboo and used plastic bottles. They all donated the finished product to the school’s poly tunnel and are excited to see them in action.

The majority of the students’ favourite workshop was making an electric mini go kart. They were challenged, under strict time conditions, to modify a battery powered car and charge it to the right voltage to make it travel the farthest. They were really excited to have built the car that went the furthest (10.75 meters) using 2.5 volts.

They also watched a presentation about the planning and building of Rampion Offshore Windfarm which they found very interesting and were shocked to find it had taken 8 years.  As well at this there was an exhibition of Eco companies and organisations and they enjoyed walking around and finding out about these (and also the free pencil and postcard that some of them took away!).

Mr Atkins, geography teacher and leader of the Eco Club said ‘it’s been a really great day and a fantastic opportunity for the students to widen their knowledge of the environment whilst having lots of fun. Many of the things they have experienced today we can take back to Eco Club and use as part of our poly tunnel project.’

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