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Durrington High School host KS1 cricket festival

On Wednesday 1st May 140 KS1 children from 7 local primary schools enjoyed a morning of cricket at Durrington High School as part of the All Stars Cricket KS1 festival. The pupils from English Martyrs, West Park, Durrington Infants, Georgian Gardens, Springfield Infants, Swiss Gardens and Whitemeadows Academy had a fantastic time throwing, catching, batting and bowling as they completed 10 different activity stations.

The festival took place on the fantastic AstroTurf pitches and each activity station was led by a Durrington High School sports leader who instructed and supported the primary school pupils, helping them to improve their skills and make the most of the activity. The children had a great time with many citing their favourite activity as the ‘one where you had to throw balls at the tower and try and knock it down!’

The activities lasted 10 minutes and were designed to give the pupils an opportunity to try cricket as well as develop basic sporting skills. Many of the children in attendance had not played cricket before and really enjoyed themselves. Sussex Cricket Foundation, who organised the event, are working with All Stars Cricket on this programme to introduce youngsters to cricket and then signpost them to one of the 62 All Stars Cricket centres if they have a desire to continue learning. Gary Wallis-Taylor, Territory Manager South at Sussex Cricket Foundation said ‘it is a great opportunity for these 5 -7 year olds to have a go at cricket and find out if they like it. The most important aspect is that they have fun, but it is also a great way to introduce them to a sport they may not have played before.’

The Durrington High School sports leaders were fantastic, working with the children to help them with activities such as bouncing the ball on a cricket bat, throwing and catching as many times as possible without dropping the ball and throwing the ball in a circle. One of the pupils clearly enjoyed his morning saying ‘I have got better at throwing and catching and that makes me feel proud of myself.’

If your child is interesting in playing cricket then visit the All Stars Cricket website here https://www.ecb.co.uk/play/all-stars If you are interested in the KS1 cricket festival programme then please email Gary Wallis-Taylor on gary.wallis-tayler@sussexcricket.co.uk

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