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DofE students successfully complete their qualifying expedition

34 students from Durrington High School completed their bronze DofE qualifying expedition over the weekend of the 11th and 12th May. This is one of the 4 components that make up the DofE award along with skills, volunteering and physical. There are almost 90 DHS year 9 students taking part in the DofE this year, and this group are the first to undertake the expedition component. They all rose to the challenge, completing their hikes within the allotted time and can now tick off this key part of their DofE challenge.

Six teams in total set out on Saturday morning. Three teams starting at Patcham and walking to Plumpton where they camped overnight and then continuing to Stamner Park to finish on Sunday. The other three teams did the reverse routes meaning the whole six teams camped at the same location on the Saturday night. They had a complete mix of weather with rain, and even hail, on the Saturday and beautiful sunshine on the Sunday. It was hard work as they each hiked approximately 26km in total over the 2 days and had to carry all their camping equipment with them which was around 12kgs in weight.

Team Bravo, made up of Henry Burgess, Ben Trussler, Guy Charles and Ethan Peerless, really enjoyed the experience and felt very proud of themselves, ‘We completed the hike and felt really proud at the end. It was hard work but totally worth it.’ They also said that the training session at the beginning of the Easter holidays had been very useful and their top tips were to ‘always make sure you have a map, compass and torch, but most importantly work together as team.’ The students really enjoyed the camping element, where their cookery skills came into play as they made frankfurter pasta for their evening meal and a cooked breakfast of beans, bacon and bread in the morning. They were not too happy about the 5.30am wake up, due to the light creeping in, but they certainly slept well on Sunday night!

Congratulations to all the students who took part and move closer to gaining their Bronze DofE certification. Many thanks to Steve Briscoe, Chris Davis, Karen Chester, Jack Griffiths and Laura Pritchard for ensuring the expedition went smoothly and giving the students such a fantastic opportunity to build skills and experiences that will contribute to their futures.

Good luck to the 50 or so remaining students who undertake their qualifying expedition in July.

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