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DHS code-breakers rise to the challenge

Eight DHS students spent a busy autumn term working on weekly code breaking challenges as part of the National Cipher Challenge. For ten consecutive weeks the students were given two challenges to complete within a specific amount of time. Challenge A was slightly easier and by correctly completing it they could access challenge B.

The Cipher club worked together after school and also individually at home to solve the challenges. For the first seven weeks the students were able to solve the challenges on the night of the club but as they got tougher their commitment shone through as they took the challenges home to work on. They could then come back together to pool ideas and solve the more difficult challenges.

Their hard work and commitment paid off as they completed every challenge set correctly and always within the allotted time frame. Some of the challenges involved solving complex mathematical equations and writing computer programmes.  The most difficult challenge was the final one which was due in by 9th January, but the dedicated group managed to compete it before the Christmas holidays.

435 schools took part in the National Cipher Challenge and we were delighted that Durrington High School placed 18th. A huge achievement made even more impressive by the fact that the majority of the top 17 schools were either private or had sixth forms.

On Wednesday the team were presented with a copy of Michael Smith’s Station X: The Codebreakers of Bletchley Park by to recognise their hard work and success. Huge congratulations to our code breaking geniuses – Tom Thorogood, Mridul Shrestha, James Burry, Aarash Jazayeri, Archie Sloan, Zainab Hoque, Scott Haysom and Beth Teakle.

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