Durrington High School

Going beyond our best

A fond farewell to year 11

On Thursday 28th June year 11 students at Durrington High met for the last time as their journey at the school came to an end. We have been very proud of how hard the students have worked over the past 4 years and, in particular, over the intense exam period and it was fantastic to have the chance to celebrate their many achievements. There were mentions of particular students that had made an outstanding contribution in the areas of sport, performing arts and community, as well as a nostalgic look back at photographs from the past 4 years which were the cause of much laughter. A film of teachers giving inspiring good luck messages to the students was also shown, followed by a much enjoyed blooper version!

Outgoing Head Boy and Girl, Love Onwuzuruike and Alastair Lee then gave a heartfelt and moving speech to their classmates, which can be read in full below:

Good Morning students and staff, we are here today to say goodbye to where our Durrington journey first began 4 years ago. We were scared to make new friends, afraid to take on new challenges but ready for a new challenge. And now, through the help of the amazing staff and teachers available at Durrington High School, we have grown to be strong young people ready to take on what the future may bring.

Myself and Ali, on behalf of the students, would like to thank the teachers for their ongoing support through the good days and the bad, and to Ms Marooney for giving us this opportunity. But most importantly thank the teachers for showing us that with hard work and determination we really can go beyond our best.

Although our time here has come to an end, we will treasure the time, the memories and the friendships made possible by Durrington High School. As we walk out today, for the last official time as Durrington High students, we will walk out better than we came in four years ago. Because we walk with kindness, perseverance, pride and aspiration, instilled in us by Durrington High School and we will forever remain Durrington students. Thank you.

In the evening the celebrations continued at a much deserved summer ball, held at The Avisford Hilton Park Hotel in Arundel. The students arrived in a variety of different vehicles ranging from classic cars to limos and party buses, and they all looked wonderful in their bright and stylish outfits. They enjoyed a delicious buffet and a fun disco, as well as an awards ceremony which included crowning prom queen as Love Onwuzuruike and king as George Hughes. The day was a fitting end to a fabulous 4 years at Durrington High School in which students have shown resilience and worked hard to go beyond their best. They have enjoyed many different enrichment opportunities that have seen many excel in different fields. We wish each and every one of them every success in all that they do.

  • We are taught to overcome obstacles, work hard and have a commitment to succeed