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New Year 7 Intake 2018/19



As the summer holiday draws to a close, we are all really looking forward to meeting our new year 7 students in September.

The year 7s’ first day is Tuesday 4th September 2018 and students should arrive in school for 11 am. There will be teachers around, and posters, to help with finding tutor rooms.

Remember to bring the correct equipment (pen, pencil, scientific calculator and a fiction book to read). Bring a padlock for your locker, but there are no PE lessons on the 4th so PE kits won’t be needed on the first day.

Lunch will be at 1pm. The canteen will be open for food if money has been loaded onto accounts (either by parents / carers before the start of term or by the students using the cash loaders in school) and any signed forms or school fund not already brought in should be given to company leaders by the end of Friday 7th September.

The day will finish at 2pm.

From Wednesday 5th September, year 7 students will follow normal school day timings.

Other import dates for year 7s include:

  • Wednesday 19th September 2018 – Year 7 Support Evening  (students not required to attend)  – Information will include curriculum content in the core subjects, how to support learning and homework along with how year 7 achievement and progress is assessed.
  • Thursday 1st November 2018 – Year 7 Tutor Evening  (students are expected to attend) – An opportunity for parents / carers to meet with form tutors and discuss general progress after the first 8 weeks of being at Durrington High.
  • Thursday 20th June 2019 – Year 7 Parent / Carer Evening (students are expected to attend) – Individual discussions with subject teachers. Appointments will be made nearer the time.

Should you have any further queries about the start of term, please do not hesitate to contact form tutors or company leaders.


Do also make sure you follow our Twitter account and/or like our Facebook page as we regularly update these with information about what is happening in school and information for parents/carers.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and we’ll see you in September.

Mrs Bridgeman-Sweeney

Assistant Headteacher




Start of term Tuesday 4th September