Going beyond our best

  • The teachers have encouraged me to enjoy learning.

Welcome to Durrington High School

Choosing a secondary school is a key decision for any family. The experience that children have at this stage of their education will play a big part in shaping their future. We take this responsibility very seriously and work tirelessly to ensure that our students leave school with the best possible opportunities to succeed. Durrington High School is a successful school that prides itself on the excellent outcomes we achieve for our students. It is a vibrant, busy and happy school where relationships between staff, students and parents/carers are key to our success.

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence for all. In order to achieve this we have the highest expectations of ourselves, as well as of our students. This summer we were delighted to continue our improvement and celebrate what we have achieved as a school – 70% of students achieved at least a pass grade in the new GCSE English and mathematics, with a greater number of students than ever achieving A*/A grades.

We have a fantastic staff team; caring and experts in their field. A significant factor in our sustained success is our evidence informed approach to teaching.  Rather than adopting the most recent fads and gimmicks in teaching, we look at what the most robust research evidence says works in education and use this to inform our own practice in the classroom. It is for this reason that we have been appointed a Research School, by the Research Schools Network. As one of only 22 Research Schools in the country, we will ensure our students receive the highest quality teaching so that they are confident to succeed.

As a true comprehensive, Durrington High School has consistently achieved above national and West Sussex results in recent years. We want our students to leave us as happy and confident individuals, with the qualifications and skills to give them choices in life that will enable them to achieve their aspirations.

The staff at Durrington are very proud of the ‘journey’ we have been on over the last few years. Our success doesn’t breed complacency though and we are determined to continue getting better and better!

Sue Marooney
Executive Headteacher / CEO

Watch the video to find out what our year 8 students think of Durrington High School after one year with us.